The Snap Election Has Been Called Off

The Swedish Prime Minister has now officially called off the planned snap election originally set for March, 2015. The snap election, which came from a cabinet crisis after the September elections, would have been the first snap election in Sweden for over half a century.

The Pirate Party board says in a statement:

The last month has been both surprising and pleasing in that we’ve got to see what Pirates truly are made of. There have been a number of opinion pieces, planned activities, new campaign literature and plenty of discussions, both on Facebook, in our member forums, and AFK. And it has all been totally spontaneous – it shows us once and for all what amazing activists we have, and that the swarm is alive.

If we are to have a single New Year’s resolution as a party, it is to keep feeding this flame of activism, to keep it burning for a massive election victory in 2018.

Read more at Pirate Times.

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