We will write history on the 10:th of August.


Friends, copylovers and citizens on the 8:th continent! We have fought so hard, sacrificed so much time, money and effort to make this party come alive. So many people and companies. Artists! Working towards our common goal. To make a party come alive, together. Everyone with different incentives, but still: To create this party and celebrate together! On the 10:th of august, we are writing Internet history. As of today, we know we have the financial situation in such a shape that we can throw… Läs mer

I’m sponsoring with 10000kr, whats your call?


On Torrentfreak today, the article picks up on our funding situation on the Pirate Bay Party in Stockholm. Thats good. It ramps up the stake. With only 10 days left, the situation is indeed challenging! Well, life is indeed a journey and this party makes life dramatic. I’m enjoying every bit of this fantastic story, coming to life because of the many, many people now devoted to create this party. * 120 applications has come in so far from artists that wanted to play at the party…. Läs mer

Lets make the boat fly – one last time.


Its now 12 days until the The Pirate Bay 10:year anniversary party in Stockholm is due. The party is still not fully funded in our crowd-funding effort to finance it. We will have to cancel if we don’t reach 150.000sek and have lowered the limit three times, cutting away costs in many ways. But this is how low we can go. Lower that 150.000sek means we can’t pay the rent and the music-equipment (lights and PA:s) for the bands playing. The crowd-funding site target is 200.000sek… Läs mer

Hur man finansierar en 10-årsfest


Hejsan! Det är många som undrar exakt hur vi finansierar The Pirate Bay 10årsfest. Det är roligt att ni frågar och vi berättar gärna! Först ska man komma ihåg att vi inte har något vinstintresse i detta arrangemang. Vi vill i första hand göra detta till en bra fest och därför behöver vi inte oroa oss för att det här ska vara en bra affär för oss. Våra kontakter med artister, festfixare, torrentsiter och kulturskapare av alla sorter gör att vi trots allt kan dra ihop… Läs mer