The Pirate Party in English

The Pirate Party (Piratpartiet) was founded in Sweden on January 1st, 2006, and has since constantly fought for a better world, free of oppression and censorship. We are running for the general elections on March 22nd, 2015.

We live in a time which is unique in the history of mankind. Never before have so many had the possibility of communicating so easily with each other. Never before have so many had such access to knowledge. Never before has the spreading of information led to such fast paced technological, cultural and financial progress, which has also opened so many possibilities for participation and democracy.

This progress has to go on. The Pirate Party wants information to be free, not kept behind closed doors. Sharing culture should be encouraged - not outlawed. People should be able to communicate without fearing that others are listening in. Everyone - regardless of their functional impairments, their age and their finances - must have a practical opportunity to use the new technology and take use of the ongoing progress. We are convinced that people who have access to communication free from surveillance grow, feel better, and lead a better and more humane world together. The freedom to be who you are increases, and it becomes all the more easier to strive to become who you want to be.

More news in Swedish can be found here, and news on the global Pirate movement can be found at Pirate Times.

As we run entirely on donations, please consider making a donation to help us along.

Contact Us

Telephone: 076-314 99 82 or 076-018 42 66
Snail mail: Piratpartiet, Box 307, SE-101 26 Stockholm, Sweden

Pirate Party News

The Party Board Comments the Future


Party Leader Anna Troberg, Deputy Party Leader Marit Deldén, and Party Secretary Henrik Brändén have announced today that they will not make themselves available to their posts  next year. The party would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the large amount of work they have contributed. At the same time the Pirate […]

Leading Swedish Pirates Step Down

Anna Troberg, partiledare.

Party Leader Anna Troberg, Deputy Party Leader Marit Deldén, and Party Secretary Henrik Brändén has announced that they are stepping down from their position at the end of 2014. Pirate Times have summarised the situation on their website. The party board has issued a comment available here.

Piratpartiet Below 1% in Swedish Elections


Sunday was national, regional and local elections in Sweden. The preliminary results from the Swedish national election are public now with the rest still being counted. The Swedish Pirate Party did not manage to achieve their goal of more than 1% in the national election and to enter local parliaments throughout the country. “Pirates are a fantastic breed”, says party leader […]


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