International Donations

Welcome to this page about contributing to the party! Piratpartiet run entirely on donations, and we don’t get any financial support on state or local levels. Every donation counts!

We provide four means to donate; Paypal/Credit Card, direct bank transfer, check, and bitcoin. When you use a credit card, about 5% is lost in processing, so that method is preferable for donations up to about $1,000. Direct bank transfers usually have a fixed charge of $25-$50 from abroad, so that method is preferable for larger donations. Checks typically carry a similar fee, but are not preferred because of the unnecessary risk of losing a piece of paper. Bitcoin is a cheap alternative, where the only additional cost is for us to withdraw the funds to our regular bank account.

One-time donation through PayPal / Credit Card

To donate money through Paypal, click the button below. If you prefer to donate manually using PayPal, the button donates to

Monthly donations through PayPal / Credit Card

We have a program called Be a Gold Pirate! where we encourage our supporters to give us a predictable, steady income through monthly donations. We encourage you to take part in this program by selecting a monthly donation amount below:

Should you at any time desire to cancel your monthly donations with us, click here to do so.

Direct Bank Transfer through SWIFT

You can wire funds through IBAN# SE7150000000054031002815 / BIC code ESSESESS. This method is much preferred by us when we receive larger donations.

Bank address: SEB, Box 64, SE-191 21 Sollentuna, SWEDEN


If you prefer to send a check, write it out to Piratpartiet, and mail it to:

Box 307
SE-10126 Stockholm

Please note that it will cost us between $25 and $50 to cash a check drawn on a non-Swedish bank, so checks for smaller amounts will not be cashed.


Bitcoin donations of any amount can be sent to our Bitcoin address 13ECmGpXGMX1ARxkVH5iNiH3QEBtiXaKCC. You can also use the QR code to the right. Thank you for all the support!